Music Monday: Wicked Guitar

Yeah, you know you’ve done it. Played along to your favorite rocking guitar solo, I mean. From air guitar competitions to a softball bat jam along to your team’s walk up songs, guitars do and have been known to rock. We took it to our admin team to find out what solo riffs rock their socks.

What’s a song with a wicked guitar solo?

Larry, Program & Administrative Assistant

I’m more of a saxophone solo guy, so this is actually hard. Probably I Cross My Heart by The Spinners and You Keep Me Hanging On by The Supremes.

Lorena, Program Manager

American Girl, Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers

Ivy, Finance & Operations Manager

Thunder & Lightning

Jessica, Executive Director

More Than A Feeling, Boston

Beverly, Individual Giving Manager

Little Wing, Jimi Hendrix

Laurie, Institutional Giving Manager

More like an interlude or riff than a solo, but wicked nonetheless: Deerhoof, Spirit Ditties of No Tone

Anne, Program & Communications Manager

I have always loved and know all the nuances of Candy by The President’s of the United States of America. And just because I’m listening to it right now When My Train Pulls In, Gary Clark Jr. is really rocking it!

Karena, Program Director

Purple Rain, Prince


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