Music Monday: Trickey 2013

Beyonce in Hipster Glasses

2013, what do you have to offer me? As many of us do, I’ve often felt compelled to make goals, write resolutions, and generally take the opportunity for change at the beginning of the new year. Some I’ve managed to keep (not chewing my nails, age 10). Some I’ve managed to accomplish (open a Roth IRA, age 25). But others have definitely remained outside of my grasp (first draft of my novel, you elusive thing you).

This year I’ve decided to take a different tack. No goals, no resolutions, just a general philosophy to make the best of “it,” whatever “it” is. Vague enough for you? In order to keep myself supercharged and focused I’ve devised a playlist for victory, because this year I plan on coming out on top.

Listen on Spotify: Trickey 2013

  • Party – Beyonce
  • All of the Lights – Kanye West
  • So Fresh, So Clean – OutKast
  • I’ll Be Hard to Handle – Ann Miller
  • Dis is Da Drum – Herbie Hancock
  • Flava in Ya Ear – Craig Mack
  • So Have I For You – Nikka Costa
  • Spinning Wheel – Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Sugar On My Tongue – Talking Heads
  • Kids In America – Kim Wilde
  • Paper Planes – M.I.A.
  • A/B Machines – Sleigh Bells
  • It’s Trickey – Run DMC
  • Upgrade You – Beyonce
  • Come Close – Common
  • It’s Your Thing – Isley Brothers
  • Black & Gold – Sam Sparro
  • Ascension – Maxwell
  • Strawberry Letter 23 –Brothers Johnson
  • Shaking the Blues Away – Ann Miler
  • If I ruled the World – Dionne Warwick
  • If I ruled the World – Nas
  • Ego – Beyonce
  • We Are the Champions – Queen

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