Music Monday: In The Shower

What song are you most likely to get caught singing in the shower?
Listen to our staff picks here In The Shower

Ferris Bueller Singing in the Shower

Beverly, Individual Giving Manager
Whatever song is stuck in my head at the time!

Larry, Program & Administrative Assistant
The most embarrassing is more juicy than the single one. And you Can Pull Any of Lesley Gore’s Greatest Hits for that.

Ivy, Finance & Operations Manager
“Mona Lisa.”

Lorena, Program Manager
“How Dare You” by Thao and Mirah

Karena, Program Director
An improvisational song about my cat.

Laura, New Sector Alliance Resident
“I Believe I Can Fly.”

Anne, Program & Communications Manager
Whatever is stuck in my head at the moment. Probably Kanye or Beyonce.

Jessica, Executive Director
“Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by En Vogue.

Gary, Artistic Director
“Singing in the Rain,” a la A Clockwork Orange.


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